This Reversal Is Taught To Wrestlers In The First Month Of Training. Yet, There Are Black Belts That Have No Clue How It Can Be Used For Sweeps From the Guard, And Even Submissions

I Wasn't Always A Believer. In Fact, I Was A Victim Well Before I Learned How To Switch.

wrestling switch

That is me on the left getting switched back in high school.

A couple of decades ago when I was a high school wrestler, I was no good at the wrestling technique that is called the Switch.

In fact, I had been a victim of it several times in my amateur wrestling career. My escapes arsenal was very basic, and pretty much consisted of only using inside stand ups. I only learned how to utilize the Switch after I finished my amateur wrestling training and starting learning Mixed Martial Arts.

But even then, I wasn't a big fan of the Switch, and I don't know why. Perhaps it was because the first time I popped one of my ribs was when trying to Switch my training partner (and I was doing it wrong).

So how did I go from not liking the Switch to making a course about becoming a Switcher?

A few things contributed, but the first one was watching a MMA Legend...BJ PENN.

In one of BJ Penn's fights, he beautifully defended take downs against his opponent off the fence. What others attributed to natural ability and flexibility, I saw a series of techniques that he repeatedly used over and over through out that fight. One of the techniques he used was the Switch.

I went to work to replicate that take down defense series, and it is now something that all my fighters learn how to do. That got me started in liking the Switch. Thanks BJ!

The thing that put me over the edge and made me a Switcher was something that seems entirely unrelated, but it is actually a long list sibling.

The Kimura Trap System

avellan switch

Going for a Kimura against BJJ Legend Alexandre "Xande" Ribeiro at the ADCC 2007 Worlds.

Yes - The Kimura and the Switch are related and go hand in hand together.

Whenever you are Switching, you can Kimura. If you are doing a Kimura and the opponent defends, you can Switch. If you look at the above picture, you can see there is an opening for a Switch here as well.

This relationship between the two sparked more ideas on how a wrestling Switch can be used in a MMA fight. The result was this course, the Switch Series.

GSP Condit Switch

Carlos Condit using the Switch against UFC Legend Georges St. Pierre.

Why Learn the Switch Series?

You might look at the above picture and not understand what the big deal is (you will when you scroll down below for the video), but believe me the Switch is a BIG deal. As the name implies, it can "switch" you from bottom to top position in the blink of an eye. Some of the key benefits to it are:

  • All of the basic shots are vulnerable to the Switch: the Double, the Head Inside Single, and the High Crotch (Head Outside Single).
  • The Body Lock and Reverse Body Lock can be Switched.
  • You can Switch from your Knees and off your back, whether you are in the Guard, Half Guard, or even bottom Side Control.
  • If you are a Kimura Trapper (and you should be), there are a lot of flows going from Kimura to Switch and vice versa that are essential to learn.
  • It is a somewhat unorthodox move in MMA and BJJ, so you will be catching the uninitiated off guard and give yourself a nice advantage.
  • The Switch itself can be a submission, but it also leads into the Kimura,  the Calf Slicer, and even the Omoplata.

As you can see, the Switch is applied from common positions in fighting that you get into in EVERY fight. So why not add a powerful reversal into your arsenal that the majority of your opponents have not even seen before? Even if they have, it is still going to work when you use it properly.

Does the Switch Work in MMA and BJJ?

Condit vs GSP Switch

I can sing tell the cows come home, but just look at the Carlos Condit hit a Standing Switch on arguably the greatest fighter of all time, and one of best MMA wrestlers, Georges St. Pierre. 

If GSP can be hit with a Switch from a body lock, your rivals at the gym will be vulnerable too. 🙂

wrestling switch dvd
order wrestling switch series

What Does The Switch Series Cover?

  • The Switch From Fours - This is classically how it is first learned and used in folkstyle wrestling. If you are in the turtle position and your opponent hasn't put hooks yet, there is an opportunity to switch him.
  • Reswitch - If you are getting switched, the best counter is to switch right back! Learn how to be a fast switcher and also prevent people from reswitching you.
  • Switch to Kimura - If for whatever reason you are stuck and cannot finish the Switch, don't fret. You can turn your Switch into a Kimura and make them regret countering your switch.
  • Kimura Trap Switch Counter - If you are getting Switched, you can do this really cool roll that will take you right into a Kimura Trap. Pretty much know one on the planet will see this one coming.
  • Switch from Guard - If you like sitting up from your guard to attack guillotines and kimuras, then you HAVE to learn this technique. It adds a whole new attack that can make your seated guard very dangerous.
  • Switch Against the Double Leg - One of the most strongest ways of countering a deep double leg that will make your opponent eat mat in a hurry. Just be sure to warn your training partners, because this can really slam their head into the mat!
  • Switch Against Back Body Lock - I showed you a clip of Carlos Condit using the Switch against GSP, know you can learn that same exact setup!
  • Switch Against Single Legs - Whether it is a head outside or head inside single, you can Switch them. Even if you are both still standing you can Switch them.
  • Switch off the Cage - This is what really got me into the Switch. It is much more powerful off the fence, as it gives you much more time to setup - so there is no need to be fast. All you need is to be technical and you can Switch people hard from the fence. A must know for all MMA fighters.
  • Switch to Hip Heist - Against a veteran wrestler, you might get stuck and not be able to cut the corner. No problem, that is where the hip heist begins and their back control ends.
  • Switch to Calf Slicer to Truck - Want to really throw people off guard? Put them in a calf slicer or better yet into the truck - leading to a whole assortment of odd attacks like the crotch ripper, the banana split, or the infamous twister.
  • Switch to Guillotine Choke - A simple, easy, and effective way of getting into a strong Guillotine is from the Switch.
  • Switch to Omoplata - If the Kimura is not enough of a shoulder lock for you, the Omoplata is always an option. Yet another attack people would not expect from a Switch.
  • The Reverse Seat Belt - This is the cousin to the Switch, and is guaranteed to frustrate people to no end. It is such an unusual position that people will first think you screwed up, then have no idea what to do once you take their back or sweep. Works from guard, half guard, even bottom side mount. A big game changer!

That is 14 techniques that are broken down into every little detail over the course of 56 minutes as of now. As usual, I include free updates to the series (at this time we have added 20 minutes since release).

How Do I Get It?

I know the question most of you will have at this point: "How Much Does It Cost?"

You can get the Online Course (with Streaming Video that you can watch on any device, phone, tablet, or PC) for only $25:

We have a DVD version available as well for $25 plus shipping and handling, which you can get by following the button above as well.

Why Should Do I Get It?

  • You want to be ahead of the curve in BJJ and MMA and have a more solid wrestling counter game and not just rely on sprawling
  • You want a versatile tool that can be used on the feet or on your butt, that can be used to sweep or submit
  • You are a victim to shots and end up on your fours a lot, and need a new way of countering
  • You are a Kimura Trapper, and missing the Switch Series to complete your Kimura Trap game.

Bottom line: anyone who is serious about being a better martial artist should know the Switch. Whether you are a wrestler, a striker that wants to avoid being on their back, or a BJJer that wants to add a whole new assortment of attacks, learning the Switch Series will give you a whole new approach to counters.

Much like everything I teach, it is very approachable for all ages, skill levels, and body types. So go ahead and pick this up today and Switch things up on your opponents. 🙂

Believe and Achieve,

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